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Our final sale for 2015 is over.   The pictures of the sale irises will remain up on this website until the end of September.

If you are looking for a picture and description of an iris you bought previously or may be interested it,  please go to wiki.irises.org/bin/view to find them by name.

     Click on Search Iris Database, then on WebSearchAdvanced.
     Check the boxes for Topic Title and All Public Webs next to SEARCH WHERE.
     This sets the parameters for all the searches you do during the current session.  
     Unfortunately, those settings cannot be saved, and you must reset them each time you enter the site. 
     Enter the name of the iris you are looking for in the SEARCH box and click the SEARCH button.  
         The search is not case sensitive, but it does require proper spelling.
         Punctuation is not allowed - Dillon's Parka should be entered as Dillons Parka.
         Partial name searches are allowed, and all iris names containing the entered words will be listed.
     Click on the name you are looking for and the full desctiption and pictures, if any, will display.
         Click on a picture to bring up a larger view.
     To do another search, use your browser's "back" function to back up through the pages until you see the
     SEARCH box page again.  Enter the new name and repeat the above.

Activities for 2015

"Meetings & Programs" are generally on the third Sunday at 3:00 p.m., at North Haven Gardens.  Refreshments served.  "North Haven Gardens" is located at 7700 Northaven Rd., which is two blocks west of North Central Expressway and about 1/2 mile south of Forest Lane.  See them at  http://www.nhg.com/

The club does not meet during the summer months of June, July and August.  Our April meeting is our IRIS SHOW. 

September 19
9:00 AM until sold out
2015 September Rhizome Sale
Thank you for helping to make our sale a success.

The pictures of the irises we had for sale will remain up on the site until the end of September for your convenience in obtaining pictures or information about them.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church
11425 March Lane
Dallas, Texas 75229
Dell Perry seandelirises@yahoo.com
October 18
Meeting at 3 PM, followed by BINGO
BINGO for prizes brought by the participants.
Prizes can be plants, garden related things, home grown produce, crafts, odds and ends: i,e, almost anything.

If you bring a few prizes, there is no charge; if not, there is a $5 charge to play. Players get multiple cards. Only 1 win per card allowed. Multiple winners per round.

Come join us for a fun time.

North Haven Gardens
7700 Northaven Rd
Dallas, TX
Dell Perry seandelirises@yahoo.com
November 15
Meeting at 3 PM followed by the program
The Beauty of Louisiana Irises
Louisiana iris grower and hybridizer Ron Killingsworth, from Mooringsport, LA will be our guest speaker. He will present a program on the diversity and beauty found among the only iris species native to the North American continent.
North Haven Gardens
7700 Northaven RD
Dallas, TX
Dell Perry seandelirises@yahoo.com

More ISD Information

For more information about the Iris Society of Dallas please email us at info@irises-dallas.org