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Come join us for a year of exciting programs and events centered around our favorite flower - the IRIS. See our activities posted below.

Stay tuned for pictures of our Fall sales.

The IrisWIKI also has many informative articles on types or irises, hybridizer bios and other iris information as well as a link to the American Iris Society.

If you are looking for a picture and description of an iris you bought previously or may be interested it,  please go to The American Iris Society and select Iris Encyclopedia or click this direct link, Iris WIKI  to find them by name.
     Click on Search Iris Database, then on WebSearchAdvanced.
     Check the boxes for Topic Title and All Public Webs next to SEARCH WHERE.
     This sets the parameters for all the searches you do during the current session.
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Activities for 2016-2017

"Meetings & Programs" are generally on the third Sunday at 3:00 p.m., at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 11425 Marsh Lane,  Dallas, TX, on the west side of Marsh Lane between Forest ad Northaven.  .  Refreshments served.   

The club meets each month of the year.  Our April meeting is our IRIS SHOW. The December "meeting" is our Winter Holiday Party.

November 19
3:00 PM
Guest speaker Steve Schreiner
NOTE: THIS MEETING IS ON A SATURDAY instead of our regular Sunday.

Visitors and Guests are welcome.

Steve Schreiner, co-owner of the famous Schreiner's Iris Gardens in Oregon will be our gueat speaker.

Steve Schreiner is one of the co-owners of Schreiner’s Gardens, along with his brother Ray and sister Liz. Working in the family business is practically all Steve has done in his 71 years. Siblings and cousins were all made to work full summers starting at about age 11.
Steve’s Dad, Gus, was in charge of the outside crew. There was definitely no favoritism bestowed on his kids. We all had to do the lowest jobs, until we didn’t mind it. We learned to work. Hustle and accuracy were the watchwords. You weren’t worth a damn if you only had one.
Steve was fired twice. The first time when he was 11 or 12. He wasn’t old enough to dig retail orders. He was just carrying the dug plants to the end of the row, and stacking them in piles. Well, he daydreamed in that job and mixed up Cahokia, a nice blue, with Moonlight Sonata, a popular yellow.
He was fired loudly in the morning, and was serenaded with his failing all throughout lunch. After supper he was re-hired and told to hoe tall grass for an hour and a half.
The second time he was fired was for talking too much. At the gardens excessive talk interferes with concentration.

Now Steve’s duties include photography, writing catalog descriptions, PR, HR, supervising the Retail Pulling and setting up the Flower Show, shipping, etc.
Steve was married when he was 48. Not because he was careful, but because he was slow, and shy. Since then he lives in Portland with his wife Sarah. He has a stepson Finian, who lives in Portland.
A question he gets is ‘how long is he going to work?’ ‘Are you going to retire?’
“I’ll work,” he says, “probably as long as I’m able because I like it, I think I contribute and I can’t afford to retire.”

Sarah sometimes asks why, at work, we do such and such. “We’ve always done it that way,” I reply. She gets a big kick out of that.
One day I couldn’t wait to tell her I overheard 2 women chatting in the garden and didn’t quite hear the first woman but her friend answered, “I don’t know. I guess they’ve always done it that way.”

I’ve learned from experience to not be presumptuous. I asked a bloom season visitor, who was from out of state, if they came all that way just to see our place. With a look of astonishment he said, “Of course not! We’re here for a graduation.”

Pete Tragitt a retired Soil Conservation man from Roundup, MT, and ex-Harvard, worked for us for 25 years. He was a curmudgeon. After Dad died, Pete seamlessly replaced him in telling me how full of ____ I was. For example”

Flower Show. Customer Service window. Man approaches Pete and asks “are you the owner?”
Pete: “Hell no! See that long-armed ape (pointing at me) down at the end of the building? I’d stay away from him if I were you.”
Man: “Thanks for the advice.”
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
11425 Marsh Lane
Dallas, TX
December 18
3:00 PM
No meeting in December
There will be no regular meeting of The Iris Society of Dallas in December.

This is the club's Holiday Party month. Members and their guests - at Pat's house - 2 PM - potluck sides and desserts, club will provide the meats.
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
11425 Marsh Lane
Dallas, TX
January 15
3:00 PM
SLI Convention Planning Meeting
The SLI Convention will be in Dallas in April and ISD is the host. This will be an organizational meeting to plan the Convention.
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
11425 Marsh Lane
Dallas, TX
February 19
3:00 PM
Visitors and Guests are welcome.
Bobbie Mason will present a program on succulents.
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
11425 Marsh Lane
Dallas, TX
March 19
3:00 PM
Preparing For An Iris Show
Visitors and Guests are welcome.
This is a show preparation class with the how-to's of entering an iris in the show: selection, cutting, grooming, filling in the tag. There are many easy to do things that can improve your chances of winning an award.
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
11425 Marsh Lane
Dallas, TX
April 08
1:00 PM until 4:00 PM (open to the public - no charge)
Visitors and Guests are welcome.

Our annual iris show is open to anyone growing irises to enter. Entries will be accepted from 8:00 am until 10:00 am. Help for first time showers will be available. The show floor will be closed from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm for judging. The show will then be open to the public from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm.

Many people think purple, yellow and white when they think of irises. An iris show is a great way to see new and different irises. You will be amazed at the colors, forms and types of irises you will see at the show.
Meet our club members who can answer your iris questions.
Make a list of the irises you'd like for your garden, then come to our Fall sale.
We will have a variety of potted irises for sale. Pictures will be posted closer to the event.
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
11425 Marsh Lane Between Forest and Northaven on the west side)
Dallas, TX 75229
April 20 -22, 2017
2017 Louisiana Iris Convention
The Iris Society of Dallas is hosting the 2017 Society For Louisiana Iris's annual convention and garden tour. Attendance is open to everyone, but you must register.

For more information, click "2017 SLI Convention" on the menu to your left.
Crowne Plaza Hotel
14515 Midway Road
Addison, TX
Bonnie Nichols bjnhtn@aol.com
May 21
No Meeting this month
Meeting was cancelled because of time conflicts with the AIS National Convention in Des Moines. The regularly scheduled installation of new officers has been moved to the June meeting.
June 18
3:00 PM
Picnic and Installation of Officers
This is the annual Club picnic and the time our new officers are inducted. This is usually in May, but with conflicts with the AIS National Convention, it was moved to June.
To be announced.

More ISD Information

For more information about the Iris Society of Dallas please email us at info@irises-dallas.org