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The 2019 Historic Iris Preservation Society (HIPS) Rhizome sale is coming up in July.

Rhizomes are $6.50 each, NOIDS are $5.00 each. shipping included. Minimum total purchase is 4 rhizomes.  Only 1 rhizome of a variety can be ordered during Members Only time. After sale goes public, you may order as many rhizomes as you wish.

July 18th - list of available irises, with thumbnail photo will be posted online at

Available rhizome quantities are split in half - one half is offered in Round One. The other half and any remaining from Round One are offered in Round Two.

Saturday, July 20th 8:00 AM Central time - Open to HIPS members ONLY.  Round One.
                                                             Check time at Early orders will not be accepted.
                             6:00 PM Central time - Round One closes and the order site is locked.
                             8:00 PM Central Time - Open to HIPS Members ONLY. 
                                                                Order site is unlocked, and Round Two begins.

Monday, July 22nd  8:00 AM Central time - sale opens to the public.

Wednesday, July 24th 11:00 PM Central time - Sale closes.

Email your ALPHABETIZED list of chosen cultivars to:
include:  Your full name
              Email address
              Phone Number
              Mailing Address
Orders without all the required information will NOT be filled.

Orders are posted in the order they are received. orders are listed by email name.  Check the site for your name and see which irises you were able to get. You may order as often as you wish.  Once you are finished, send an email to and tell them you are done. They will invoice you. Payment is by Paypal, or if a HIPS member, you can also pay by check. 

Let's Talk Irises

Give us a call if you want to talk about Irises.