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Come see beautiful aril and arilbred irises growing in 5 gardens at the foothills of the beautiful Organ Mountains in Las Cruces New Mexico.

The Aril Trek 2018 is conveniently scheduled the weekend before the AIS convention. Please stop and join this Celebration of the Arilbred Iris, in Las Cruces on your way to New Orleans. The historic luxury Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces, is offering us luxury hotel accommodations at economy hotel rates for the Aril Trek. Hotel Encanto celebrates Las Cruces history and New Mexico culture at every turn (,  866-599-6674) The hotel has graciously offered convention rates for those who wish to extend their stay to explore the beauty, the culture, and the history of the Southwest.

  1. For museum aficionados, the city of Las Cruces and New Mexico State University offer a variety of excellent specialty museums ( and (
  2. On the eastern edge of Las Cruces, we have the scenic Organ Mountains, a mainstay of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument ( The Dripping Springs Trail offers a moderate 7 mile mountain hike.
  3. On the western edge of Las Cruces, we have the town of Mesilla. Listed on the National Historic Register in 1982 because of its significance in the history of New Mexico and of the United States, Mesilla Plaza features historic buildings, fine restaurants, and (mostly) tasteful tourist shops (,_New_Mexico).
  4. The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, located on the southeastern edge of Las Cruces, provides a glimpse into the rural heritage of the Southwest. Featured are oral histories, reconstructed actual agricultural workshops, and a living exhibition of the breeding stock that led to some of the famous southwest livestock, e.g. the Texas Longhorns (
  5. A 1-hour drive to the East, we find the White Sands National Monument, with its spectacular gypsum dunes (
  6. Nearby we find the New Mexico Museum of Space History, which celebrates the early days of the United States space program with exhibitions ranging from Robert Goddard's early rocket experiments, to the rocket sled experiments of aeromedical pioneer Dr. John P. Stapp, to Dr. Wernher von Braun’s early rocket launches in the United States, and to the International Space Hall of Fame (
  7. For the curious, a 180-mile drive to the East, brings us to the Roswell UFO Museum, and a chance to hear the stories and to walk where “they” walked (

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Special travel arrangements:
Airport Shuttle:
20% discount! $64 for the round trip. Las Cruces Shuttle, Event Code  , 800-288-1784   CLICK HERE for full information.
Airlines offer Group Rates: require 10 or more attendees taking the same flights and ordering tickets together.
Southwest Airlines:         Group Travel Program 800-433-5368
American Airlines:           Group Travel Program 800-221-2255


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