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THis is a fun meeting with good food and comraderie to celebrate whichever holidays you honor in November and December.

Attendeess are asked to bring a side. dessert or non-alcoholic beverage to go with the main feast.

We will also have a Pirate's Gift Exchange for those wanting to participate. 

What is a Pirate's Gift Exchange, you ask?  It is our name for the fun gift stealing game.  It is not a White Elephant game where the gifts are gag gifts.  Gifts should be something you'd like to receive, wrapped, and in the $15 price range .

How is it played?

  •  We will draw names of those participating:
  •  1st person selects and opens a gift
  •  2nd and all subsequent people can either steal an unfrozen opened gift or select an unopened gift.
  •  The person stolen from then has the same choices, EXCEPT they cannot steal back the gift just stolen from them.
  •  Once a gift has been stolen twice (3rd person to “own” it), it is frozen and can no longer be stolen.
  •  At the end of the game, if the 1st person still has his original unstolen gift, that person may chose to give up his gift and steal any unfrozen gift. The person stolen from can then either          take the given up gift or steal an unfrozen gift.  This goes on until the given up gift is selected or all gifts except the given up gift are frozen.
  •  No one with an unfrozen gift may leave the game before it is concluded without the permission of the other participants.
  •  By participating, you agree to not get attached to an unfrozen gift, as it can be stolen.
  •  After the game is concluded, participants are free to negotiate with other participants over gifts.    



Let's Talk Irises

Give us a call if you want to talk about Irises.