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Nichols Northaven Garden

A journey to far northwest Dallas will find the home garden of Hooker and Bonnie Nichols. The beautifully landscaped garden uses most of the lot to grow over 1,200 bearded and beardless irises, daylilies, roses, and various other types of flowers. Here you can evaluate the reselected Louisiana seedlingshybridized by Hooker Nichols. Through tried and true growingmethods, the Nichols' have successfully bloomed nearly 100%of their annual Louisiana seedling crop.

Bobbie Mason Garden

The gardens of Robert and Bobbie Mason in Red Oak have every square inch adorned with blooming plants, bushes, and trees. The Louisiana's have been carefully planted in every form of galvanized container from a Cowboy Bathtub to Mop Buckets.  They have many Tall Bearded Iris varieties that are very old, and some of  Marie Caillet's Louisiana favorites.

Dell Perry Garden

Dell and her son Seann started Seandel Iris Gardens in Plano during the early 1990's.  Dell has over 1,500  varieties of median, tall, and arilbred bearded, Louisiana, Spuria, and species Iris growing on her corner city lot, even a couple Japanese.  Her love for irises started in Connecticut, when at age 6, she saw some cast-offs growing along a stream, dug them up, and took them home.  Her garden is an Aril Society International and a Median Iris Society Display Garden.    </p>

Mike Reed Garden

Mary Ellen and Michael Reed have a garden full of Louisiana iris along with many bearded iris, daylilies, and a variety of other annuals, perennials, and bulbs.  There are hundreds of iris cultivars from over 100 different hybridizers.  The variety of Louisiana iris spans the years from 1943 to 2016 and includes some seedlings and some that will be released next year.  Several DeBaillon medal winners are spread throughout the garden. There are also many Texas native plants scattered through the landscape.  There are paths and flagstone walks that lead visitors to discover the many planted areas throughout the garden.  There are water features and garden art dotted throughout the landscaped lot. Mature native Texas Pecans provide shaded areas for relaxing or for strolling between the beds.  There is a large covered patio that visitors can use to relax and enjoy view of the yard that spreads out to the Brookhaven Championship golf course.

Nichol's Mesquite Garden

Nestled in southeast Dallas County in Mesquite, this is the commercial part of the gardens owned by Hooker & Bonnie J. Nichols.  

Ed Stegemoller  Garden

Garden information coming soon...

Let's Talk Irises

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